7 Of The World’s Most Beautiful New Museums

Honestly I have never been a huge museumgoer, however, I found that this has really changes lately. I am still not the type that can spend hours and hours looking at painting and sculptures, its still a rather quick walkthrough for me, I kind of select what I want to spend more time on as I go. One wooden canoe from some ancient Cambodian tribe is just enough, I don’t need to see or read about the next 10.

What often fascinate me more are the actual museums. They are the architectural currency of the modern world really. Today there are more than 55.000 museums worldwide, more than double the number 25 years ago. Amid all these new international openings, it’s vital to identify the most pilgrimage-worthy new sites you must visit now or when they open within the next few years.

01. Museu do Amanhã, Rio de Janeiro
The spectacular building designed by Santiago Calatrava is itself a draw to this science museum, a 15,000m sq area on the Pier Mauá that incorporates a huge reflective pool, gardens, and cycle paths. The main exhibition at the “museum of tomorrow” is the brainchild of physicist and cosmologist Luiz Alberto Oliveira.
Visa mer från hemsidan Bungaloww 5. Det är fantastiska byggnader.

22 sep 2016